Optimal Let's you organize hundreds of tabs in groups you define. Create your own personal dashboard of the web.
Each page tab stores the destination URL inside the tab. These tabs are stored in place until you decide to delete them. You can close yours page tabs without deleting them.
At the bottom of each page tab you can open new windows in Temp-Pages. Temp-pages work similar to your current browser tabs.
Create separate folders to organize multiple research topics to store important links
Folders can be placed and accessed as a tab in one or more groups. Links are dragged directly into these folders. Tabs are the shortcut to the folder. So you can place a tab to the folder in multiple groups for easy access!
Links stored in curation folders save the Title and URL of the link along with the image URL, detailed description imported by the article and modified by you, the source, author, your tags on the article and ratings. You can export and share this research
Each curation folder in Optimal Access acts like a channel. You can organize your channels into groups and export them as a file to your website. Your curated research can be used for content marketing to drive traffic back to your site.
A special toolbar docked on the side gives you quick access to vital commands which include the sidebar, tab history, search, tab visibility and panel list.
Subscribe to RSS feeds by simply dragging feeds to the tab area.
Management mode switches your listview to folder view so you can easily organize your bookmarks and panel tabs.
This dialog lists all of your open tabs and their location. You can close all open tabs with one command to save valuable resources on your computer.
The "Curation Tree" module in Optimal Access let's you organize your curation folders in groups and export that file to the web.
Your research, list of articles, organized and commented by you will appear as a page on your WordPress website.
Each link in you list is optimally tagged for search engines and can be shared to drive traffic back to your site

Firefox extension

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