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Your Research is an Asset
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What we do at Optimal Access
We create tools and provide a platform for sharing research on any topic.  We also help you monetize your research through display ads.  Our mission is to have millions of users create "Optimal Access" to their topics of choice.  We offer a Plugin for WordPress sites for sharing your curated research and a search platform to host everyone's research. 

Curation is Thought Leadership
Curate to share great content and be the source of research and invaluable insight for your community.  Simply add great articles to your growing library and manage the best research asset around your topic.  With KBucket you will not only share great content but manage and editorialize the context.  Context is increasingly becoming content.  Your effort to editorialize the web offers an invaluable service to your community. 

Curated Research is a source for new ideas
By continuously curating and organizing interesting topics you will create a source for new ideas. The reason is simple, good articles require research.  Curating topics of interest creates a treasure chest of topics you can use for insight and analysis for your new posts.   Be the source of your own ideas and those of your social group.

More Engagement More revenue
Every link you curate can be shared to drive traffic back to your site. Let's face it, successful social media strategies require you to be prolific.  With KBucket small publishers can now share both their original content and their curated content to drive traffic to their site.  Moreover KBucket pages are generating 4 pageviews per visit which translates into increased ad revenue for your site.