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What we do at Optimal Access
We create tools and provide a platform for sharing research on any topic.  We also help you monetize your research through display ads.  Our mission is to have millions of users create "Optimal Access" to their topics of choice.  We offer a Plugin for WordPress sites for sharing your curated research and a search platform to host everyone's research. 


Be the Hub of your Community

Curate useful information and editorialize the web for your interest group. Be the editor of context. Share your research, demonstrate your knowledge.

Research on Curation


Organize the web your way!

Cluster related topics. Manage and enhance the taxonomy. Act as the information professional for your community and optimize discovery. Be a curator not an aggregator!

How it Works


Rank higher in search engines.

Create dynamic lists and directories and appear on top of your category. Try it! Search for best lists and then compare them with what you can do with KBucket.

Curation Tools


Drive Traffic to your Research First

Every link you curate can be shared on social media to drive traffic back to your research first. This means more exposure and more ad revenue for your site.

Your Curated Research


Add more Revenue per visit

Engagement, time spent & ratio of unique visitors to pageviews is the goal for all publishers. KBucket pages will add 3-5 new pageviews per visit & let you drive social traffic back to your site.

Pageviews = Engagement = Revenue


Join our Ad Network

If you have a WordPress website and like the concept of KBucket please contact us. Our new authoring tool will be ready soon, but you can start now!

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