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What we do at Optimal Access
We create tools and provide a platform for sharing research on any topic.  We also help you monetize your research through display ads.  Our mission is to have millions of users create "Optimal Access" to their topics of choice.  We offer a Plugin for WordPress sites for sharing your curated research and a search platform to host everyone's research. 

Why Curation?
As the amount of information explodes on the Internet, there is tremendous value in curating and organizing links to valuable information for easy access!  Curate to create valuable lists, or record the history of news.  Each link can be used on social media to drive traffic to your site.  Be the source of emerging and historical news!


As an editor you have the power to manage the context of information and shape minds! Edit the web your way.

Why KBucket?
KBucket which stands for Knowledge-Buckets, is a place to curate and manage the context of information.  KBucket pages are easy to organize, re-organize and share. We all receive daily news letters or visit our favorite portals for emerging news. By collecting the most valuable links you will create valuable assets that both grow your brand and generate revenue for your site.


Drop by drop is the water pot filled. Likewise, the wise man, gathering it little by little, fills himself with good. Buddha

Get Leads & Earn Ad Revenue
Your KBucket Research page will help you build your brand and drive social traffic to your site.  Each curated link can be distributed through social channels driving targeted traffic to your site.  Moreover, KBucket pages are a great source of ad revenue.  KBucket pages are engaging for your targeted visitors and will generate 3X the pageviews per visit!


Marketers who share content drive traffic, gain customers.