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Share Button Managing Monetization

Author: adops 2015-01-23

Programmatic optimization requires know how. This infographic lists all the varipous considerations [+]

Tags: optimization, programmatic, infographic

Share Button Tap to pay ads top list of 2015 trends for digital marketing

Author: Campaign Asia 2015-01-09

Really a great list of trends for technology and consumer behaviro. Learn about tap to pay, locatio [+]

Tags: trends

Share Button Four Factors That Affect the Viewability of Digital Display Ads

Author: Marketing Profs 2015-01-08

Viewability is not evenly distributed amongst publisher domains. This article offers stats on publi [+]

Tags: ad viewability, studies

Share Button How Fraudsters Steal Premium Publishers Identity to Dupe Advertisers

Author: Khalid Razzaq 2015-01-07

Great article that discusses how low end publishers use something called "domain identity theft" to [+]

Tags: fraud

Share Button Google Goes All In On "Viewability" For Display And YouTube Ads

Author: Marketing Land 2015-01-06

Google started selling viewable impressions - you only pay if an ad is seen - for display ads and is [+]

Tags: ad viewability, google, video, engagement

Share Button Here Are The 10 Most Innovative Digital Ad Products of 2014

Author: Ad Week 2014-12-26

A useful review of new ad products by Google, Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Snapchat, Instagram.  [+]

Tags: trends, advertising

Share Button This Infographic Shows How Worried Digital Advertisers Are About Viewability

Author: Ad week 2014-12-23

A nice set of stats on ad viewabvility and fraud and programmatic trading. Find out how buyers and [+]

Tags: ad viewability, studies, fraud

Share Button Advertising of the Future Will Be on the 'Thin-ternet'

Author: Ad Age 2014-12-22

Very interesting article on the futire of the web. An interconnected web of personal apps that pred [+]

Tags: trends, apps

Share Button Google AdWords Vs. Facebook Ads: Which one is better

Author: PC tech Mag 2014-12-18

Nice infographic that copares the two platforms on reach, CPC performance, targeting and ad formats. [+]

Tags: google, studies, facebook, advertising

Share Button Social Ad Spending to Double in Next 5 Years

Author: Business2Community 2014-12-17

A nice infographic on the growth of social media ad spending predicting that fortune 500 companies w [+]

Tags: infographic, studies, social ads

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