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  • Publisher: Business 2 Community
    Author: Cent Muruganandam

    Content Promotion Checklist: 40 Sources from A to Z [Infographic]

    When you curate content with the intent to use your curated content for content marketing, or more p Share Button

    Tags: content marketing, checklist

  • Publisher: Business Grow
    Author: Kerry Gorgone

    "Curation" versus Fair Use: How to keep your content safe

    Excellent article on limits of fair use and copyright infringement. The author gives examples on ho Share Button

    Tags: fair use, copyright

  • Publisher: Slate Magazine
    Author: Chad Lorenz

    News media literacy class: Which newspapers, magazines, and websites are reliable and trustworthy.

    This article argues for a course on media literacy and what magazines to trust. I believe that a goo Share Button

    Tags: education, why curation, journalism

  • Publisher: andrewchen
    Author: Andrew Chen

    New data shows losing 80% of mobile users is normal, and why the best apps do better

    Excellent stats on app retention meaning how many users will keep using your app after X days. Arti Share Button

    Tags: retention, apps, mobile, tips

  • Publisher: Business 2 Community
    Author: Angela Hausman

    12 Steps: How to Build a Successful Content Marketing Plan

    Share Button

    Tags: content marketing, tips

  • Publisher: Business 2 Community
    Author: Nuno Figueiredo

    The Problems With Content Curation Tools

    This article talks about the first phase of curation, filtering. How do you find interesting conten Share Button

    Tags: tools, discovery

  • Publisher: International Business Times
    Author: Christopher Zara

    How Algorithms Subtly Control What We Read, Hear, Watch And (Ultimately) Think

    These researchers discuss problems with algorithmic filtering and how it can be manipulated by third Share Button

    Tags: why curation, algorithems

  • Publisher: Business 2 Community
    Author: Julia McCoy

    How Content Curation Can Help You Come Up with Awesome Content Ideas

    This article answers some basic questions on how curation leads to new ideas for content marketing. Share Button

    Tags: benefits

  • Publisher: MarketingProfs
    Author: Christian Jorg

    Why Curation Matters to Content

    I like this analysis on the importance of curation. It points out that the embrace of traditional Share Button

    Tags: why curation

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  • Story vs History - Optimal Access February 16, 2016 at 7:27 am

    […] A story is subjective and has a beginning, middle, and end. Story curation tools basically take snippets of content from across the web in various formats like tweets, images, cutsĀ of content from other sources, etc., and create a new story. These tools make it easier to build new content, but the format is still a story. Here is a link to my curated list of story curation tools. […]

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