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Share Button "Curation" versus Fair Use: How to keep your content safe

Author: Business Grow 2015-09-23

Excellent article on limits of fair use and copyright infringement. The author gives examples on how [+]

Tags: fair use, copyright infringement, content curation

Share Button How can you tell which news to trust?

Author: Slate 2015-08-31

This article argues for a future in curation for news consumers. It is asking colleges to teach a co [+]

Tags: why curation, journalism

Share Button Flipboard Turns To Curation to add more value to its news app

Author: Forbes 2015-06-16

Flipboard started as a news aggregation app but is adding a feature that let's users curate and add [+]

Tags: why curation, trends, curation vs aggregation

Share Button Apple hires editors to beat Facebook's news robots

Author: Net Imperative 2015-06-16

Apple has recognized that human curators can add value to its new news curation app not present in F [+]

Tags: why curation, journalism, content curators

Share Button The Problems With Content Curation Tools - Part I

Author: Business2Community 2015-05-27

This article lists and discusses the needs and desires of a curator when selecting and working with [+]

Tags: content curation, curation tools, filtering

Share Button Algorithms are limiting your ability to discover other points of view!

Author: ibtimes 2015-03-16

This article discusses the limitations with machine based decision making related to serving you rel [+]

Tags: why curation, algorithems, facebook, google

Share Button How Content Curation Can Help You Come Up with Awesome Content Ideas

Author: Business2Community 2014-12-23

This article answers some basic questions on how curation leads to new ideas for content marketing. [+]

Tags: content curation, content marketing, native advertising

Share Button Does your content marketing solution offer these 5 key components

Author: Addvocate 2014-12-11

Things to consider when looking for a Content Curation solution. I would add organization to this l [+]

Tags: content curation, content marketing, marketing stratgey

Share Button Why Curation Matters to Content

Author: Marketing Profs 2014-12-10

I like this analysis on the importance of curation. It points out that the embrace of traditional p [+]

Tags: why curation

Share Button Curation Technology Checklist: How To Move From Information Overload To Actionable Insight

Author: Marketing Land 2014-12-04

Very informative article on the need for curation as well as a useful checklist of what a curated st [+]

Tags: why curation, analysis

Share Button Advanced content curation techniques in using Tumblr for business

Author: Hootsuite 2014-11-27

Great advice backed up by stats. Time spent is critical for content marketing and Tumbler users spe [+]

Tags: tips, content marketing, tumbler

Share Button Fair Use

Author: Wikipedia 2014-02-14

An important question for content curators is "am I breaking copy-right laws by curating others cont [+]

Tags: fair use, content curation

Share Button Content Curation Tools 21 Criteria To Select And Evaluate Your Ideal One

Author: Robin Good 2014-01-07

This is an excellent list of requirements for a curation tool by a master curator. As a curator I a [+]

Tags: curation tools, features

Share Button Why Curation Matters more than ever

Author: Gartner 2014-01-02

Author points out that with the ever increasing flow of information, curation is an important servic [+]

Tags: why curation, content marketing, engagement

Share Button Is Your Content Curation Ethical? A 10-Step Checklist

Author: Content Marketing Institute 2013-11-22

If you are worried about the legal issues concerning content curation than read this list. It offer [+]

Tags: content curation, tips, copyright infingement

Share Button Evolving Social Media Marketing - From Content Marketing to Contextual Content Marketing

Author: SocialSteve's Blog 2012-12-17

But content marketing is not enough. Brands need to evolve to provide contextually relevant content [+]

Tags: content curation, content marketing, marketing strategy

Share Button Can you Gamify Content Curation?

Author: 2012-10-01

Can a virtual stock exchange for content curation, combined with Reddit-style voting, lead to better [+]

Tags: curation strategy

Share Button Digital Curation Resource Guide

Author: Digital Scholarship 2012-08-14

Digital curation involves selection and appraisal by creators and archivists; evolving provision of [+]

Tags: curation, meta data, resources

Share Button Information Is Beautiful

Author: Information is Beautiful 2012-06-03

Ideas, issues, knowledge, data - visualized! This site focuses on curation and data visualization. [+]

Tags: content curation, infographics

Share Button Content Curators Are The New Superheros Of The Web

Author: Fast Company 2012-04-16

Yesterday, 250 million photos were uploaded to Facebook, 864,000 hours of video were uploaded to You [+]

Tags: why curation, trends, statistics

Share Button Some effective content curation strategies

Author: 2012-04-11

Although we d established that a large group of marketers were utilizing content curation as a tacti [+]

Tags: trends, b2b marketing, studies

Share Button Data and Contextual Analysis: The Road to Good Decisions

Author: 2012-04-09

Data alone is just data. Data combined with context is powerful. That s what you need to be seeking [+]

Tags: why curation, context

Share Button Content Published Via Third-Party Tools Suffers 67% Fewer Likes

Author: 2012-04-02

Many social media marketers schedule content for Facebook through third-party software tools from ma [+]

Tags: facebook, marketing strategy

Share Button The Curation-Over-Creation: Trend That Fueled Pinterest's Rapid Growth

Author: 2012-03-16

Laura Paine has a simple answer when asked why Pinterest exploded in popularity at this particular j [+]

Tags: why curation, trends, pinterest, search

Share Button Content Curation, Stock and Flow

Author: Only Dead Fish 2012-03-16

This is a great video on the meaning of curation. The authors make the case that curation is all ab [+]

Tags: content curation, what is it

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