Is That Display Ad Unviewable, Or Fraudulent? Consider The Intent

Author: Marketing Land


This posts argues that unviewable and fradualent display ads are separate conversations and need to [+]

Tags: ad viewability, fraud,

A defense of old fashioned television as an advertising medium

Author: Biz Journal


This article has a very interesting stat on video viewership its says - "Even in modern, tech-enable [+]

Tags: video, market share, trends,

The Technology of Contextualized Content: What's Next on the Horizon?

Author: EContent


Really interesting article on how targeting is evolving from what you have looked at on the web to w [+]

Tags: trends, targeting,

Study Shows CTRs A False Metric For Mobile Ad Performance

Author: Marketing Land


CTR has been the key metrics for measuring display ads, but this new study shows that At very best C [+]

Tags: mobile, ctr, study,

Programmatic I/O: The Buy And Sell Sides Share Responsibility In Fraud Fight

Author: adexchanger


A very informative discussion on fraud in online advertising. I think this quote from the Google pr [+]

Tags: fraud, programmatic,

Flipboard fuses interactive mobile ads into its personalized magazines

Author: venturebeat


The online personal magazine app Flipboard launched an interactive feature today that infuses full-p [+]

Tags: mobile, video, trends, apps,

Programmatic bidding - Buy, buy, baby



Great article on how a media buyer at Varick, the private exchange company uses programmatic adverti [+]

Tags: programmatic, realtime bidding, trading desks, trends,

Media agencies need to 'grow up' and stop arbitrage

Author: mumbrella


Pete Mitchel head of one of the world's largest advertisers is crtiquing agencies for not disclosing [+]

Tags: media buying, arbitrage, agencies, programmatic,

I Have Seen the Future of Advertising - Desktops will be found only in museums



Interesting article - talks about where the ad industry is going when it transitions from desktops t [+]

Tags: trends, native advertising, mobil content marketing,

Moneysupermarket eschews buying from digital ad agencies

Author: Financial Times


Agenices are losing ground. Programmatics ad buying let's brand's and advertisers maintain more con [+]

Tags: trends, programmatic, agencies,

What's With The Pushback Against Viewability?

Author: MediaPost


Apperantly agencies are pushing back against viewability, complaining that it dosen't scale. The Au [+]

Tags: ad viewability, agencies,

Publishers Getting to Stage 4 in Programmatic

Author: Matt Prohanska


Great article by Matt Prohanska who was in charge oif bringing programmatic to NYTimes and now consu [+]

Tags: programmatic, sales process, publishers,

5 Mobile Advertising Myths

Author: ClickZ


How should we measure mobile performance. Are CTR's the same in mobile as on desktop. Great insigh [+]

Tags: mobile, measurement,

Viewable vs. Seen - In display advertising

Author: GumGum


Excellent infographic on the state of viewability and studies on viewable vs. seens ads that still r [+]

Tags: ad viewability, infographic,

Forbes exec: Native advertising has its limits



Mark Howard CRO at Forbes one of the pinoeers in native advertising claims that long-term growth tra [+]

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