17 Site, Search, Email and Native Ad Retargeting Statistics

Author: joop crijk


Very interesting and useful stats on the effect of retargeting on conversion, recall, impact on e-co [+]

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Why Google Plus Ads Could Be The Best New Paid Social Tool

Author: Business2Community


Google is using it reach on the Google Display Network (adsense) to promote Google Plus Content. Th [+]

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Publishers That Keep Hold Of Their Data Will Thrive In Programmatic

Author: Media Post


This article suggests that publisher data should be valued more and not traded to DSP's for better C [+]

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GroupM and Unilever Push Publishers for More Proof Ads are Being Seen

Author: WSJ


Agencies are now demanding viewability from publishers. GroupM, the world's largest ad-buying firm a [+]

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Video Beats Display, Nearly As Good As TV: comScore's Fulgoni

Author: Beet.TV


Long form video content, this is premium content that is watched on request is now rivaling TV. The [+]

Tags: video, trends, ad viewability, time spent,

Survey: 80% of Premium Publishers Want to Sell Ads Based on Time

Author: Ad Age


Ad viewbaility is metrics are evolving and publishers are now testing new methods of "Time triggerd" [+]

Tags: ad viewability, time spent,

Content Targeting: It's the I's and O's, Not the 1's and 0's

Author: CMS Wire


A great study on how to correctly perform "Content Targeting". Article suggests that many that profe [+]

Tags: content targeting, content marketing, targeting,

The Comprehensive Guide to Earning Big Links with Native Advertising

Author: Performancein


Excellent study with a very informative infographic on the Native advertising landscape.  Learn [+]

Tags: native advertising, studies, infographics, ctr,

Mobile ads lead to more conversions

Author: Internet Retailer


This study by Marin Software draws some conclusions from a large sample (6 Billion spent) and finds [+]

Tags: studies, mobile, trends,

Why Mobile Games Are Shaking Up The Advertising Business

Author: Forbes


Studies by Flurry show that today more than 65% of our time online is spent on mobile and 32% of tha [+]

Tags: trends, mobile, games, studies,

Advertisers can now tell if we're paying attention

Author: Market Place


Ad Viewability is only the first step to add more value to online display advertising. Chartbeat has [+]

Tags: ad viewability, attention, analytics, mrc,

Move Over Search and Display Ads, Taboola Shows Discovery is Here to Stay

Author: Best techie


Great report on new trends in acquiring traffic and generating leads for your business. Taboola is [+]

Tags: content marketing, traffic acqusition, trends, studies, native advertising,

Real-Time Trend Report Finds Ad Campaigns Tied to Popular Online Trends Perform Nearly 10X above Industry Benchmarks

Author: Herold Online


Taykey shares how their ads performed when placed against popular trends. The company has the abili [+]

Tags: taregting, media buying, ad technology, programmatic, realtime, studies, attribution,

The Costs of Viewability and What It Offers Publishers

Author: Rick Monihan


Rick Monihan is Director of Sales at ESPN. This article shares his view and impact of viewability f [+]

Tags: ad viewability, publishers,

Inside Forbes: The Recharged News Business Faces a Reckoning Long In the Making

Author: Forbes


Read this and discover how progressive publishers like Forbes are managing Ad Viewability, frau [+]

Tags: publishers, trends, ad viewability, fraud detection, measurement,

Google Expands Dynamic Retargeting: What You Need To Know

Author: Businness2Community


Dynamic retargeting dynamically serves product-specific ads to potential customers based on the prod [+]

Tags: retargeting, google,

Video Growth Drives Display Advertising Spending To $37.6 Billion In 2019

Author: Forrester


Advertisers are getting more excited about video, simplt becuase its interactive and drives engageme [+]

Tags: trends, video, programmatic, display advertising, forecast,

Why Programmatic Ad Buying Is (Currently) Problematic

Author: Forbes


Interesting article discusses the merits of campaign creatives and the fact that Programmatic platfo [+]

Tags: programmatic, media buying,

Outside Voices: Online Ad Viewability Not Ready For Prime-Time

Author: WSJ


Vivek chairman of IAB argues that the size and complexity of the eco system and the cost of measurei [+]

Tags: ad viewability, agencies,

Google Brings Estimated Cross-Device Conversions To Display Ads

Author: Marketing Land


DSP's win with transparency, when they allow marketers to measure conversions. Cross device attribu [+]

Tags: attribution, google,

Viewability standards are going to get clearer and easier

Author: Ad Week


IAB has started a nonprofit tech lab to do more research on viewability and other digital advertisin [+]

Tags: ad viewability, trends, iab,

Are Desperate Publishers Selling Their Souls With Native Advertising?

Author: Forbes


Interesting discussion here about the value of native advertising. Does Native advertising imply th [+]

Tags: native advertising, trends,

Is Digital Advertising Ready to Ditch the Click?

Author: Ad Age


Financial Times sheds more light on their "Time as a currency to trade" stratgey. Basically well kn [+]

Tags: ad viewability, time spent,

Pinterest To Launch New Ad Targeting And Conversion Tracking Features

Author: Techcrunch


Pinterest let's advertisers add tracking pixels to promoted pins, to let advertisers track conversio [+]

Tags: pinterest, targeting, attribution,

Integral Ad Science Introduces Causal Impact, to Determine the Causal ROI of Online Display Campaigns

Author: Market Watch


Integral Ad Science uses its ad viewability technology to allows advertisers to determine which one [+]

Tags: analytics, attribution, ad technology, ad viewability,

The Selfie As Ad Format

Author: Media Post


This is a cool new idea. Brands can now allows users to insert photos of themselves in display ads, [+]

Tags: ad technology, brands, mobile, display advertising,

Is That Display Ad Unviewable, Or Fraudulent? Consider The Intent

Author: Marketing Land


This posts argues that unviewable and fradualent display ads are separate conversations and need to [+]

Tags: ad viewability, fraud,

A defense of old fashioned television as an advertising medium

Author: Biz Journal


This article has a very interesting stat on video viewership its says - "Even in modern, tech-enable [+]

Tags: video, market share, trends,

The Technology of Contextualized Content: What's Next on the Horizon?

Author: EContent


Really interesting article on how targeting is evolving from what you have looked at on the web to w [+]

Tags: trends, targeting,

Study Shows CTRs A False Metric For Mobile Ad Performance

Author: Marketing Land


CTR has been the key metrics for measuring display ads, but this new study shows that At very best C [+]

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