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  • Publisher: Convince and Convert
    Author: by Tristan Handy

    What is better, content creation or content curation for marketing strategy?

    Interesting study of 150,000 tweets and status updates shows best ratio for content curation vs cont Share Button

    Tags: content marketing, content curation, marketing strategy, study

  • Publisher: Business 2 Community
    Author: Cent Muruganandam

    Content Promotion Checklist: 40 Sources from A to Z [Infographic]

    When you curate content with the intent to use your curated content for content marketing, or more p Share Button

    Tags: content marketing, checklist

  • Publisher: BuzzSumo
    Author: Steve Rayson

    How to be the Best Answer to Customer Questions: Insights from 600,000 Posts

    Curation requires research. As a good curator you need to know what your users want, very similar to Share Button

    Tags: tips, curation strategy

  • Publisher: Business Grow
    Author: Kerry Gorgone

    "Curation" versus Fair Use: How to keep your content safe

    Excellent article on limits of fair use and copyright infringement. The author gives examples on ho Share Button

    Tags: fair use, copyright

  • Publisher: Slate Magazine
    Author: Chad Lorenz

    News media literacy class: Which newspapers, magazines, and websites are reliable and trustworthy.

    Since much of main stream media is lsoing its objectivity, colleges need to teach students how to an Share Button

    Tags: education, why curation, journalism

  • Publisher: andrewchen
    Author: Andrew Chen

    New data shows losing 80% of mobile users is normal, and why the best apps do better

    Downloads don't mean much if users stop using your app. This post shares stats on mobile app r Share Button

    Tags: tips, retention, apps, mobile

  • Publisher: Business 2 Community
    Author: Angela Hausman

    12 Steps: How to Build a Successful Content Marketing Plan

    Use this post as a reference for building your content strategy. Its important to have a strategy a Share Button

    Tags: content marketing, tips

  • Publisher: Business 2 Community
    Author: Nuno Figueiredo

    The Problems With Content Curation Tools

    This article talks about the first phase of curation, filtering. How do you find interesting conten Share Button

    Tags: discovery, tools

  • Publisher: International Business Times
    Author: Christopher Zara

    How Algorithms Subtly Control What We Read, Hear, Watch And (Ultimately) Think

    Algorithmic filtering may solve some problems but it creates a whole set of other problems allowing Share Button

    Tags: why curation, algorithems

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