Support your staff and connect with Voters

Conversational Chatbots are the ideal interface to support your campaign staff and connect with voters.

In the fast-moving world of campaigns, making sure the right people get the right information is critical to the success of campaigns.

Chatbots can be accessed from any device, accessed through voice or text, and cater to technological experts and novices the same.

We make it really easy to build conversational chatbots by quickly organizing the content outside the chatbot logic and empowering the campaign staff to quickly add and modify content for use in the chatbots.

To see an example of what is possible, click on the chatbot on this page.

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    Curate and Editorialize Content You Share
    Our tools make it easy to curate, comment, and editorialize the content your share on social media and on your website. By organizing and saving what you share using our tools, you will create an invaluable asset to drive your communication with voters.
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    Create interactive Chat Bots
    Chatbots are the ideal interface to communicate information with voters on any device. Build dynamic chatbots, and answer voter questions, using your extensive research. Grow the trust factor with voters and let them know you are thinking about the issues they are concerned with and you have a plan.
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    Grow Your Reach
    Turn your social media followers into powerful advocates.  Our Social Advocacy tool grows the reach of your messages by a factor of 20X or more. Word of mouth is more powerful than online advertising. Build a trusted group of advocates to boost your reach and share your voice.

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