Authoring Tool Features

Our Authoring tool is a powerful desktop application called Optimal desktop.  Optimal Desktop is extremly flexible and let's you monitor tens of information sources simultaneously.  Here are some of the features:

  • Powerful multi-pane curation windows
  • Ability to build custom aggregation feeds
  • Ability to curate and organize in one stroke
  • Ability to easily access find and edit thousends of links

Powerful Curation Dashboard

Optimal Desktop offers a powerful environment for monitoring and curating links.  A multi-level tabbed browser let's you organize your news sources, search engines and any other tool you may need to do research in easy to use tabs that you setup.  The video in this section gives you a quick overview of the following capabilities:

  • Manage tens of News sources each in its own tabbed window
  • Easily navigate between your sources - 3 clicks to any source
  • RSS feeds that list headlines in lists and allow you to quickly consume thousands of links with ease
  • RSS headlines that are stored on your desktop so you can get to them when you have time
  • One click drag& drop curation capabilities

To view tutorial lessons on how to setup and curate with Optimal Desktop go here.