December 17, 2011

News Consumption & User Behavior – Tips for Content Curators

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A study by “The online Journalism Review” and the other by “Pew Research” investigate how users interact with news online and make the case for News curation.  I will share excerpts of each study and then share my insight on how this relates to our curation tools.

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December 8, 2011

Content Curation is Disruptive

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You often hear people say that Content Curation is a disruptive business, but what does that really mean? Curation is a new layer of activity that sits between the content creators and the consumer, in essence disrupting the original flow of information – providing tools that empower a mass of users to manage the context of information.   Curation is an entirely new activity with 3 distinct phases of operation. Searching & Finding Listening tools, source monitoring and quick navigation of multiple sources are of primal importance in this stage. Crowd-sourcing features improve the quality of the end product Organizing The number of groups, meta data filtering (taxonomy) and the purpose for selecting the tags (ontology) matter Systems that provision for crowd input and easy editing of the taxonomy will produce superior results. Sharing Context matters here.  Curation is all about context, which means making it easier for users to find a wealth of related  information on a topic. Navigation matters – How easy is it to go between related topics without losing your place. Modules and plug-ins matter – the ability to take all or part of your curated content and share it on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or package it and share it on Mobile apps provide added benefits. Just like blogging platforms provided Content Management Systems that empowered a generation of users to become content creators, Curation will empower a generation of users to become context editors. This is significant and a power shift.  Today media channels and blogs control the context of the information they create and share.  With Content Curation a larger group of users will be empowered to manage the context of information shared.  The benefits of this new and disruptive activity are explosive.

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Establishing Thought Leadership through Curation

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Will walking into someone’s library and looking at what they read impress you, or at least compel you to want to listen and see what this person has to say? My friend and teacher of 17 years, Roger Weir has a personal library of 80,000 books (was about 60,000 when I first met him).  When I started going to his Saturday lectures back in 1994, I was taken by his personal library – which extended to every room in his house.  I once asked him if he had read all the books, he said he can index them all!  I stayed to learn from him every Saturday for the next 12 years.  The reason was of course his knowledge and presentation skills, but first seeing and the extend of his research certainly helped.   I always felt fortunate to be able to attend these classes and listen to Roger distil the wisdom of the ages in 90 minute lectures.  The fruit of years of study shared!  Roger is an educator and a thought leader. KBucket’s curated pages have the same effect.  A KAuthor, will read and tag (index) each link to identify the content of that article.  This makes it easier for all users to discover valuable content from trusted sources and learn more about topics.  Here is an example of a KBucket page, curated over months, organized and re-organized for easy access – and the work is never ending – Notice that the constant evolution of curated pages is a reason for users to use the page as a reference which means frequent visits.  The dream of all marketers.

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