You can use your curated research as an engine for your messaging strategy.  If you read 10 to 20 sources of news a day – using our tools this should take you no more than 30 minutes – and select 10-15 related articles to your topic – saving and organizing should take you no more than 30 minutes – and you do this for lets say 40 days you will have curated, tagged and organized between 400-600 articles that you can use as part of your content strategy.

For an example take a look at this page and notice that each tag can be used as a unique address to broadcast a message.  Here are some of the benefits of your curated research.

  • Your research will help you come up with new messaging ideas
  • While Conversing on Social Media you have ready made answers for any dialog
  • Instead of linking people to an article on some other site you are directing them to your research page promoting your research
  • You can crowdsource- Engage your community and expend you reach

Content curation will be an integral part of the savvy marketing executives strategy.  Here are some other ideas on curation strategy to support my arguments

Contact us for more information on how to use curation to become a messaging machine.

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