CMS for Managing Chatbot Responses

Dialogflow Webhooks

Dynamic Content for Your Chatbot!

Build and manage dynamic content for use in your chatbots! Great for managing projects, news curation, FAQ type application, and any type of project that needs an easy way to create and manage content outside the chatbot! We offer the tools for building and managing your chatbot cms and Webhooks for Dialogflow agents.

Building and Managing Chatbot Responses!

The information needed for use in chatbots is something the businesses and organizations usually have available; however, this content needs to be recreated in a way chatbots can use. Our solutions make it easy to curate and structure the content needed for use in chatbots, so its easily discoverable, personalized, and can also be amended and edited with relative ease.

Engineering content for Bot
human knowledge graph

Utilizing Knowledge Graphs!

As you build and organize the content for use in your chatbots, you are in essence building a knowledge graph of how every piece of content relates to the rest! These knowledge graphs will help you build better chatbots faster and by helping users discover related topics to their interest!

Covid-19 Bot

Here is an example of a news bot! We have curated news articles and information from trusted sources to document and answer critical COVID19 related questions. This bot is a good example of how to build a personal Alexa or Siri bot for your own information.

Campaign Bot

Campaigns have two challenges that bots can solve. Supporting their staff and volunteers with instructions and latest news, and sharing their positions with their voters. Chatbots will save campaign money, help them operate more efficiently and inform their voters with the right information!

Education Bot

NLP chatbots are ideal interfaces to help people navigate educational and informational portals. The goal here is to match people's questions with the right type of content and make it easy for people to find what they are looking for. This bot also plays videos directly in the chatbot!