Curation and Journalism

I want to share an example of how Journalist (both mainstream and bloggers) can use curation to validate their arguments.

The Example:

Recently IMF (International Monetary Fund) came out with a report praising the Iranian government for the implementation of their economic plan (Subsidy Cuts). Now anyone that follows Iranian politics and is familiar with life on the streets would immediately know that this IMF report is extremely flawed.  Following is an example of how I would use curated research to point out facts that the writer of the article should have been aware of: ” A recent IMF report praises Iran’s subsidy reforms, seemingly as some kind of an academic exercise without regard to the reality on the ground. The report makes certain claims that any casual observer could refute immidiately.  For example it says – “Pre-reform preparations, for good reasons, centered on ensuring social support for the price increases. Without broad public support, the government would not have been able to increase the domestic prices of energy and other products”. A cursory review of  the crackdowns, human rights violations and executions in Iran just in the last year easily demonstrates the lack of respect of the Iranian government for its people.  To claim that this government needs broad public support to do anything is simply laughable. Furthermore, a quick study of the Iranian economy and the effect of subsidy cuts paint a different picture than what this IMF report tries to project.”.

The Conclusion

Curating news is and will be an essential part of any journalistic endeavor.   By curating news on specific topics everyday Journalist will build valuable assets that will help them draw on existing research to quickly author new articles.  Furthermore the curated research itself will be a valuable source of reference for all and will add to the journalists cache. [ad name=”Post LTB”]