The entire curation story – Why do we need it? – What is it? – Where is the value? – can be told from the picture below:



Information Overflow (Left Image) – The reasons for curation are multiple and the image on the left characterize the problem perfectly and as follows:

  • Information is growing at warp speed
  • Information flow piles up so fast that finding the right information is a big challenge
  • Human capacity to deal with so much information is at its limit.

Multiple Sources (Middle Image) – The number of information sources and the format of how information is delivered is growing rapidly.  Curators should be able to easily integrate information from different sources in one place.

Curation (Right Image) – Curation is all about creating relevance around organization.  The curator is someone that uses multiple source (middle image) to search for information, organize it and share it in a user friendly and accessible way!

It is easy to see that the more time a curator spends in organizing and categorizing the curated information the more value they provide for their users.  The organization of information provides a number of benefits as follows

  • Makes it easy for users to find information
  • Since curation is topic based, other information in the group helps educate visitors to learn about related subjects
  • Organization makes it easy to package and share subset of the information with others (Content Marketing Strategy)
  • Thought Leadership – If someone walks into your library and sees the depth and breath of your research they are inclined to be impressed!

Curation has many applications, improved search, social media communication, online marketing and story telling are the most common uses of this new and disruptive class of technology solutions.  Here is my curated page on the topic of curation (related articles and tools), social media marketing (discussions, tips, strategy, tools) and search (search engines, articles related to search).

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