Download KBrowser – A Firefox extension program

KBrowser is a Firefox extension.  In order to install the program please launch Firefox, make sure you have a later version of the program and then click on the download button to install the extension from the Firefox market place.

  • November 23, 2016Changed name from Kauthor to KBrowser
    Changed the name of the extension for Kauthor to KBrowser. Still the same program!  Added a feature that opens links typed in the address bar in a new temp-tab.
  • June 28, 2016New Skin Feature
    The latest version allows you to change the color of your skin. In order to select a different skin go to settings "Click on the Wheel in the sidebar" and choose your skin.

We have created a number of useful portals that you can easily download and import and use as part of your KBrowser program.  If you like the concept and want to share your sources of information we will be more than happy to host them here for you.  Just email us with a copy of the Portal you want to share.  You can contact us by filling the form here.

Share your Research on the Crowd Sourced platform

We have created the KBucket platform as a Wiki-like destination for sharing research.  Anyone can simply sign up and upload their curated research to his or her page.  Each page is branded for the author of that page.  You can add your personal info and links to your business or personal blog and use the page as a reference for your activism or personal brand.  We offer free demos of our solution.  To sign up click here.

KBucket Plugin for WordPress

We offer a special plugin for WordPress websites.  This plugin lets you share your curated research on your own website.  To see an example simply click on the “KBucket” menu above.

Kbucket research on the site

To create an account and post your research simply click on the link and register.

It’s Free!

Kbucket Research on a WordPress powered website

To get your WordPress plugin you must first register with us. Our free version lets you test the plugin before you buy.

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