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    Karan Bavandi

    Getting started with Kurator is real easy. You only need to know a few simple facts, to easily curate and organize everything of interest online!

    Once you add Kurator to your chrome browser, you will see the “Kurator icon” in your toolbar.

    Kurator Icon

    To curate articles, you simply click on the new icon in your toolbar, and the program will scrape information off of the article and add it to the dialog box.

    scrape dialog

    Initially everything will be stored in the default Kurator folder.  To access this folder, simply load a new tab, and from your “toolbar menu”, click on “Curation Folders”.

    Chrome Toolbar - Curation Folder

    Click on the [Open Curation folder], to open the page in its own tab.

    Kurator Startup Screen

    The default Kurator folder, is where all your links are stored. In order to test the full functionality (adding more folders, importing and exporting folders, creating curation-tree export files) you need to upgrade.

    Go to our Kurator Product Page to learn more.

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