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    Karan Bavandi

    You can share your curated content with the world through our KBucket.com public website or on your own website with the KBucket plugin for WordPress.

    KBucket pages are organized in groups and channels. Each folder you create with Kurator, is a channel for your KBucket page.

    We use the Curation Tree in our Bookmark Manager, to select folders we want to share via KBucket.  You can create one or more files, under this tree.

    Simply right click on the Curation Tree, create a new file, then go ahead and create a group. After you create a Group, you can start adding Curation folders to the group.

    To see an example see our KBucket research page, to see whats possible.

    To learn more about KBucket, visit our KBucket forum.

    Once you create this file, you can export it to your desktop and import the file to your own website, or register on kbucket.com and upload the file there.

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