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    Karan Bavandi

    KBrowser Sidebar gives you access to a number of information trees in your browser.  You can access the sidebar by clicking on the first icon “toggle sidebar” in your side-toolbar.

    curation tree

    • Bookmarks: This is the Firefox favorites tree.  You can drag links from here and pin them as page tabs.  A good way to transfer your bookmarks to KBrowser
    • History: This is the Firefox history.  You can drag links from here to create new page tabs.
    • Portal Tree: This is an index of your Panel/Group/Page tabs.  You can access your tabs from here, create new Portals and move or copy tabs between groups and Portals
    • Optimal Bookmark Tree: This tree stores all of your Bookmarks, RSS and Curation Folders.  Every Page tab is linked to a folder in this tree.  You can have one or more pages linking to the same folder in this tree.
    • Page Tree: Once you grow your folder list and have large nested folder trees, you can use this view to isolate your nested folders.
    • Curation Tree: This tree lets you build curation files to be exported for web viewing.
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