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    Karan Bavandi

    Here are some useful features that make it easier to browser and work with KBrowser

    Organize Tabs

    You can drag and drop tabs into position.  You can drag a page tab from one group to another group. When dragging tabs between groups simply drag the link to the desired group and wait till the context changes.

    Getting to the Home of Page Tabs

    Each pinned page tab has its address stored inside the tab. To get to the page stored in the tab double click on that tab.  This is useful when you navigate away from that page and want to get back to your source.

    Pinning Tabs

    Let’s say you have a page open and want to pin that page.  You have a number of options as follows

    • Drag the Temp-page tab from the bottom to the Page Tab area (you can also drag this to another group)
    • Drag the icon in the address bar to the left of the address to the Page-tab area
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