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    Karan Bavandi

    Curation folders are special folders in Kauthor for storing articles.  To save your research you can create one or more curation folders. You can also move articles between curation folders.

    Here are steps to create and use “Curation Folders”

    • There are a couple of ways to create a folder
      • Create a folder using the page tab dialog
        • Click on the + sign in the Page Tab area
        • Select “Curation Folder” from the “Link Type” drop down menu
        • Enter a name for your “Curation Folder”
        • This folder is stored under the “Blue-System-Folder” called “Curation Folders” under the “Optimal Bookmark” tree
      • Create a Folder under the “Optimal Bookmark” tree
        • Activate the “Optimal Bookmark” Tree
        • Select the location you want to create the folder
        • Right click on that folder and from the “New Link Folder” drop down choose “Curation Folder”
        • You can now drag this folder to any page group in your portal
    • Storing articles in your curation folder
      • To save an article to these folders, simply drag the link into the folder and the program with open a dialog and fill in all meta information available for that link.
        • You can drag the article from the address bar by grabbing the icon “i” in the address bar
        • Or by dragging the article title from the page
    • Watch this video for more info on this topic

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