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    Karan Bavandi

    Page tabs are similar to pinning a tab in your Firefox or chrome browser, except they work much better and are easier to create and manage. Page Tabs by default appear at the top of your browser window.  Page Tabs store the URL of the webpage so you can access them again and again.  You can create page tabs in a number of ways.

    • Use the + sign to create a new tab manually. Users will have to enter the caption of the link
    • Type url in address bar and drag the link icon to the page tab area to create a new tab
    • Drag the temp-page from the bottom of the screen to the page tab area to create a new page tab
    • Drag link folders from the “Optimal Bookmark” tree to create new tabs

    Notice that every Page Tab creates a corresponding link folder in Optimal Bookmark tree.  Watch the tutorial to see how it all works.

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