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    Karan Bavandi

    The toolbar gives you access to essential tools in Kauthor.  You can place the toolbar on the left or the right.  Following is a brief description of each function in the order of appearance

    Toolbar gives quick access to vital productivity commands

    • Toggle- Sidebar: Gives you access to the different information trees in Optimal Access
    • Tab History: Let’s you move back and forward between the recently accessed tabs
    • Show List of Open Tabs: Gives you a list of open tabs.  You can use this window to close one or more of the open-tabs
    • Search: Let’s you search tab names and the content of your RSS and “Curation Folder” links
    • Toggle Tabs: Let’s you hide your tabs
    • Portal Tree Tree: Let’s you switch Portals in this desktop file.  You can create new Portals from this menu.
    • Firefox mode – This command hides or Group and Page tabs and moves the Temp-pages to the top, just in case you need more screen room or miss your old browser.
    • Settings: Allows access to Kauthor Settings – This command is the wheel at the bottom of your toolbar.
      • File Settings: Path and Save modes
      • Number of Open Page Tabs – Starts closing tabs when you pass the threshold
      • Appearance: Tab position, dialog behavior, Tab visibility, Tab colors, and toolbar position and visibility
      • Warning Dialogs when deleting tabs
      • Advanced Settings: Number of Tab history actions and mouse over delays
      • Hot Keys – System and Optimal Access shortcuts
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