Your World Organized

The Only Browser Interface that Let's you manage hundreds of Tabs with Ease!

What Makes KBrowser Different

KBrowser is a Waterfox extension (Firefox stopped supporting us), that lets you organize access to your information your way!  Waterfox is a fast, user oriented and ethical browser that has stripped data collection and startup profiling.  Click here to Download Waterfox.

You can still add the KBrowser extension from the Firefox store.

Pin Your Favorite Tabs
KBrowser lets you save all your bookmarks in tabs.  Close tabs without deleting them. To restore close tabs you just click on them. Never lose a tab again. The ultimate productivity tool for Firefox.
Group Your Tabs
KBrowser group tabs let you manage access to your sites your ways!  Know where everything is, at all times.  Every-time you open the browser, your session is restored.
Portals let you share links
KBrowser lets you create and manage multiple portal windows. Portals are great for synching bookmarks plus navigation with others, archiving your projects and more.

Page Tabs

Page Tabs in KBrowser are the Tabs on top. Page Tabs are pinned in your browser. This means that both the location and the address of the website are stored inside of the tab.

You can close page tabs without deleting them. This will save your computer valuable resources, but still make that page instantly accessible when you need it. Only Temp-pages are deleted, page tabs are always restored, until you specifically delete them.

Group Tabs

Group Tabs are organizational tabs. You can group your pinned page tabs inside of group tabs. For example you can have a group for your news sites, one for your company web site and another for your social media pages.

With Group Tabs, you get instant access to tens of your favorite web sites and never lose track of where your tabs are!

You can also think of Group Tabs, as your session manager. While other browsers let you group sessions, we organize them in tabs for easy access.


Portals act like new windows. Each Portal stores a number of Group and Page Tabs.

You can use portals to organize access to different projects. You can also share your portals, with all of its content with other KBrowser users.

Curation Folders

Curation folders are a new and useful feature of KBrowser. Curation folders are an easy way to save, comment, tag, and share your research in context.

Anyone who uses the internet to search and look for information will benefit from curation folders.


KBrowser offers a powerful sidebar for accessing your portals, bookmarks, history and curation tree.

Additionally you can navigate your tab history, manage your open pages, search your stored information in KBrowser, toggle tabs, switch portals and access your KBrowser settings.


Firefox 57 has stopped supporting the old add-ons. KBrowser is now supported by Waterfox Project.  This is a Mozilla based browser, with over 5 million users.

Install it, then go to the Firefox store to install the extension.  Next from the file menu load your old file and you are all set to go.