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Start Your Search with Someone Else's Research

Start your search with someone else's Research

There is a real cost to information overload, both for individuals and organizations, and as a result there is an increasing demand for carefully curated content to meet this challenge.

The Multi-user KBucket platform is designed as a curated search site to address this market. Our mission is to make KBucket the curated search platform for the masses, similar to how Wikipedia works as an on online encyclopedia for all topics.

Users can register for free and share their research. We also offer corporate licenses, so companies can better manage their internal information and create assets out of where information resides.

According to a McKinsey report, employees spend 1.8 hours every day—9.3 hours per week, on average—searching and gathering information. Put another way, businesses hire 5 employees but only 4 show up to work; the fifth is off searching for answers, but not contributing any value.”

KBucket curation is a powerful tool for solving these challenges!

Unskilled Search
When you approach a new topic, finding the right search terms, or knowing the best places to search for answers is a challenge. KBucket search pages, are designed to help you find the best answers on any topic, because the author has applied their expertise and time to get you the best answers in context.
Efficient Organization
Poorly curated and hard to find information are a huge burden to both organizations and individuals. A carefully curated and optimized KBucket page will alleviate this problem.
Search Discovery
Curated pages in KBucket are a great source of discovery. Each search hit is in the context of an entire research on that topic and related topics.  This will not only help users find the best of what they are looking for, it will also lead them to discover other topics in the context of their search. One of the benefits of starting your search with someone else's research.

Searching in KBucket

The Home page in KBucket is a search page. Under the search page you will find a Tag cloud. The tag cloud is generated from tags associated with various KBucket pages. This is a quick way for you to locate topics of interest and get a list of KBucket pages available on that topic.

The relevancy of the search hits is predicated on the location of the search term (File Name, Group names, Channel Names, article titles, descriptions and tags).  We also weigh the popularity of the curated page.

Navigating KBucket Pages

Each KBucket page is organized into one or more groups and each group can host a number of channels.

Each channel will list a number of articles. Articles consist of the Title, the description, an image, topic tags, publisher tags and author tags.

KBucket pages easily make hundreds of pages on any given topic instantly accessible.

Search as a source of learning

KBucket searches differ than a google search in that, search hit on the KBucket page come in the context of a curators research.

When you search Google your search hits are based on popularity and relevance to your search term.

When you search KBucket, your search is still targeted at your inquiry, but within the research on your topic you will find related links that are related to your topic and help you expand your inquiry!

Getting Started with KBucket

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