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  • Publisher: Million Dollar Blog

    Things You Didn't Know About Content Curation

    Interesting debate and insights on curation. Readers should note that there is a wide definition of Share Button

    Tags: curation, content marketing, seo

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  • Publisher: Content Marketing Institute

    Ethical Content Curation: A 10-Step Checklist

    Curation is nothing new, but many content curators are still unsure about what constitutes ethical c Share Button

    Tags: curation, ethics

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  • Publisher: marginally subversive

    Content Curation versus Aggregation - marginally subversive

    Many confuse curation vs. aggregation. Many services for example aggregate based on your social act Share Button

    Tags: why curation, curation, aggregation, what is it

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  • Publisher: Harvard Business Review

    Seven Things Human Editors Do that Algorithms Don’t (Yet)

    I suggest that algorithms will never replace a human editor. Algorithms is a procedure for solving p Share Button

    Tags: why curation, algorithms, curation

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