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  • Publisher: Business 2 Community

    Content Promotion Checklist: 40 Sources from A to Z

    When you curate content with the intent to use your curated content for content marketing, or more p Share Button

    Tags: checklist, content marketing

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  • Publisher: Business 2 Community

    12 Steps: How to Build a Successful Content Marketing Plan

    Use this post as a reference for building your content strategy. Its important to have a strategy a Share Button

    Tags: tips, content marketing

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  • Publisher: Business 2 Community

    The Problems With Content Curation Tools

    This article talks about the first phase of curation, filtering. How do you find interesting conten Share Button

    Tags: discovery, tools

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  • Publisher: Business 2 Community

    How Content Curation Can Help You Come Up with Awesome Content Ideas

    As a curator you need to think about discovery, value and distribution. This author asks 13 simple Share Button

    Tags: content marketing, discovery

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