KBucket Pages are curated research pages.  Every day I select topics from various publications on Ad Tech and Web Publishing. This research is then published on my KBucket page.  The research is actively managed and updated.

Tab Groups
The research is organized in groups and subgroups.  I create these groups as my research expands and I see value in adding more info to my research page.  On this page the top group is a vertical within the Ad Tech and Content Marketing Eco system.  For example under Advertising, you have advertising-news, curated list of articles on Ad technology , Companies,  Knowledge-base which has definitions on ad terminology, Ad examples with links to various live implementation of ad units and more.

Tag Clouds
Each group is filtered by tags.  Once you select a tag in the tag cloud, a new window below that tag cloud will show the all other tags that belong to this tag group.  This will allow you to easily navigate these links for quicker discovery.  Additionally there is an Author tag cloud and you can also use the -Author, Date and Title to sort the list.

Comments and Feedback
You can suggest links or offer your feedback on specific items, like making suggestions on tags for specific items through the “Suggest  Content” button on the right side of the page.

Social Sharing
Social sharing can be done with individual items, or the entire page.  The share icons on top of the KBucket page will share the channels and selected tags.  If you want to share a link, simply click on the + icon to the left of the link and use the share icons inside the popup to share that article.  This share will bring the users back to the open dialog box being shared.

All searches in the KBucket page are designated by the path and start with the caption “KBucket”.  Blog posts start with the caption “Link”.  You can either click on the path to go the KBucket grouping or click on the last link to go the page.

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