KBrowser is an extension to your Firefox Browser. It works on all platforms supported by Firefox, adding powerful new capabilities through its ground breaking tab system.

It allows you to easily pin, organize, and access your favorite web destinations and turn your browser into your personal portal.  The average user visits 89 websites per month.  Just imagine if all of these pages were at your finger tips and you didn’t have to repeat the same task over and over again.

KBrowser solves a number of critical challenges for users navigating the World Wide Web –

  • It lets you save your pinned tabs and group them for easy access (GROUP & PAGE TABS)
  • It will only open the pinned tab when you click on it, so it saves resources (MAKE YOUR BROWSER WORK FASTER)
  • Your temporary browsing windows are manged inside Page windows, making to remember where things are (TEMP PAGE TABS)

Curation is defined as the process of analyzing and sorting Web content and presenting it in a meaningful and organized way around a specific theme.

Curation tools have two components –

    Discovery channels are information sources you select. This includes pull services like Google alert, feeds to various news sites and research sources.
    Curation is the process of saving articles with all its related meta information which includes article title, web address, image, description, source, author and topic tags. Ideally you would like to organize your curated research in designated channels for easy access.

KBrowser offers a unique topic curation solution that turns your browser into a powerful curation tool.

KBrowser offers you a set of unique features that greatly enhance your browser experience.

    Quick access to Panel, Bookmark, History and Curation trees
    Move backwards and forwards through your recently accessed Tabs
    Clicking on a Page Tab opens a door icon on the right of the Tab and under relevant Group Tab. Simply click the Icon to close the Tab or the entire Group
    Search tabs and content of Curation folders and RSS links
    Available as a dialogue box with a list of all open Tabs in Your browser used to close all or some of your Tabs.
    Especially useful when working on a small screen
    To switch quickly between new sets of TABS and GROUPS
  • RSS Reader
    Subscribe to feeds by simply dragging the feed-link to the Page Tab area.

CONTENT CURATION is the process of discovering, organizing and sharing content online.

KBrowser allows for powerful discovery and organization of information. It also allows you a revolutionary way to package and share your research, increase engagement on your website, improve traffic and provide a valuable service to your community.

    Your research can be a list or directory of tools you use, articles you find valuable or causes that you care about. We have a curated page on our site with valuable research curated over the past few years.
    We currently offer a WordPress Plugin (KBucket = Knowledge Buckets) for sharing your research. Each link on the KBucket page is optimally tagged for SEO. More platforms are coming!
    Be an Editor. Record a history of events, pick the best research on any topic, choose articles for your front page, mix your own commentary and publish powerful information portals.
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