This is post 4 in a series of posts examining our tools features against Robin Good’s criteria for the ideal content curation tool.  The question asked here is regarding search and its divided into two categories, searching the web and searching your own curated content. Let’s take a look.

Integrated Search

  • Can you search for content from within the content curation tool?
  • What sources can you search? (Google, Flickr, YouTube, etc.)
  • What “types” of content can you search (text, images, video, tweets, etc.)?
  • Can you easily drag & drop search results into your curated work?
    Answer: Yes to all. We have a search feature that searches all RSS feeds and curated content stored by the user, and every user can integrate and customize access to their sources of choice and easily get to any of them with 2 clicks or less

Here I believe we have a distinct advantage over competing tools.  In optimal access you can integrate and organize any search site as part of your arsenal. Obviously no tool will ever come close to Google or some of the other major vendors when it comes to search and we won’t have to compete with any of them since we can simply integrate all of them into our work space and arrange them in a way that is suits our workflow.  Let’s take a look.

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