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Grow Your Reach with Our Volunteer Advocacy Platform

We all know social media is a powerful means to engage users and change minds. Successful candidates, however, use social channels to differentiate themselves, be candid in their messaging and inspire conversations.

Social media allows candidates to connect with voters several times a day through policy discussions and observations on important topics. Frequent conversations encourage volunteers to share messages and (digitally) canvas for a candidate.

Direct access to a candidate builds rapport and trust and activates volunteers. Wouldn't it be great if you could directly engage, inform and enroll voters with your vision?

Let's see how it works.

Multiply Your Social Channel Reach by a Factor of 20x

Bernie Sanders

Twitter Followers: 9,626,060

Average Daily Post: 10

Average Shares:  4,162

Average Likes: 20,437

With 5% of followers as Advocates

Advocates: 481,303

Average Shares: 120,325

Boost: 27x


Elizabeth Warren

Twitter Followers: 3,092,812

Average Daily Post: 11.7

Average Share:  1,566

Avg Likes: 8,619

With 5% of followers as Advocates

Advocates: 154,640

Shares: 38,660

Boost: 24x

Twitter Followers: 3,093,982

Avg Daily Posts: 8.5

Avg Shares: 1,740

Avg Likes: 8,359

With 5% of followers as Advocates

Advocates: 154,699

Avg Shares: 38,674

Boost: 22x


Twitter Followers: 341,926

Avg Daily Post: 13.8

Average Shares: 47

Average Likes: 111

With 5% of followers as Advocates

Advocates: 17,096

Average Shares: 4,274

Boost: 90x


Getting Started is Real Easy - Here are the Steps

Recruit your Mailing List

Quickly and easily set up a landing page to signup advocates.

Email your mailing list.

Recruit your Social Media followers.

Segment them based on language.

Segment them based on their interest. →

Get their consent to join your campaign as volunteers.

We are GDRP compliant.

You are ready to go.

Sign up below and we will send you a Post to share.


Landing Page Advocacy Screen

Communicate Directly with Advocates

Write a personal email for each Campaign

Inform your advocates of your strategy

Educate them on why this post is important

Give them the tools to Change Minds

Invite them to Share the Post

Our email open rates are 55%

Our Post Share rates are 25%

SocialSeeder Email Authoring

We Make Sharing Easy.

Once advocates agree to share they will land on a seeding page.

The post is ready to be shared on multiple social Channels.

You will control the image and the message for each post.

Sharing via our platform will eliminate many of the limitations dictated by Social Networks.

Each user shares the post directly with their friends.

You will have the power to trend #hastags!

On average each advocate shares posts on 2.2 channels.

Our Share rate on the posts is 25%

Average reach per advocate is 330 people.

100,000 shares will reach 33 million people!

You can beat the reach of mainstream media!

Measure every campaign and know what resonates!

Every campaign can be measured separately for impact.

Know what resonates with your advocates and their social network.

Know how many of your advocates read and share your message.

Know the reach of your network and measure the impact and engagement of each message.

Create a viral condition for each message and see what resonates.

Engage your advocates and reward your best performers.

Know what resonates with people you are trying to influence!

Social Seeder Campaign Analytics
Conservative stunned by Mueller

Our Curation Tools will improve your Content Strategy!

With thousands of news articles published every day, it's hard to remember everything.

Voters are siloed into ideological camps and therefore not well informed.

Curating and indexing News and information in Context is therefore essential to your content strategy.

Create an institutional memory.

We have developed an easy to use tool to curate and index thousands of articles with ease.

Curate news, tweets, Facebook posts, opposition research and more!

Be ready to index the right response for any situation!

Turn your curated library into an interactive Bot to engage and inform voters.

Computer Screen - trump tweets

Ask us about our Curation Services.

If you like to receive a demo and learn more about our solutions please fill out the form below and we will contact you.