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Build less scripted
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Less Scripted More Dynamic Chatbot Conversations

We make it really easy to manage your chatbots content outside of your chatbot's Dialogflow.  Our solutions aid with building your conversations, managing, and editing your chatbots content in order to build less scripted and robotic chatbots faster.

Step 1
Curate, comment, tag your research using our Kurator chrome extension. With Kurator you can organize and categorize any link accessible by your browser including web pages, PDF files, web documents, social media posts, and any link accessible via the Internet or your Intranet in the browser.
Step 2
Publish your Research to our KBucket library. KBucket portals are structured content libraries that store links, with titles, comments, images, descriptions, author and publisher information, and content tags. Index information based on project or topic for optimal access by your chatbot.
Step 3
Enable your Chatbots to retrieve information via webhooks. We currently offer webhooks for Dialogflow chatbots. You can embed these chatbots on your website as a pop-up or stand-alone landing pages and access them via voice or text instruction.

Why use the KBucket CMS Solution

When managing projects, answering frequently asked questions or managing communication for political campaigns you are faced with a fast-moving flow of conversations.  Our CMS solution is the ideal tool for building and managing your content efficiently.

Context Management
Context Management is key to building natural chatbot dialogs.  Each KBucket library drives a separate chatbot agent. Organize your content by the project. By creating an index into your content and managing the meta-information based on the project, you will have more flexibility to design great chat conversations.
Content Management
If you are building your chatbot to manage projects and answer user questions the content will drive your chat intents. By curating, organizing, and categorizing the content you want to share, you are in essence building an intent map for your dialog.  Curated content libraries will help you build better chatbots faster.
Entity Management
Using content categories, as well as publisher and author tags offer you extreme flexibility to build intents that deliver responses in context, or use a combination of filters that deliver specific responses to specific answers.

Sample Chatbots

Change is the only constant. Our curated libraries make it easy to manage chatbot responses outside your agent and easily add, modify, and delete your content with ease. This bot answers questions related to COVID19 and is updated regularly with the latest news.
Video Bot
This Bot offers integrated video's in the chatbot window. Simply curate Video links, our system will ID the link and automatically play the video directly in the chatbot window.
Campaign Assistant
Political Campaigns and government agencies, in general, have to respond to a fast-moving information world. Voice-activated chatbots are ideal for distributing content to campaign staff and engaging voters with news and information from trusted sources.

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