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Easy access to information is essential to your success in the digital age. Our solutions help you curate your research, share it with your community, and broadcast it to the world!

Kurator is our Chrome browser extension. It enhances your Bookmark Manager and lets you curate, comment, and easily access and share hundreds of curated links. Remove tab clutter and save time every day!
KBrowser is our next generation multi-tab browser interface, designed for organizing your tabs in groups, curating content and sharing your curated content. It works with Waterfox.
KBucket where "K" stands for Knowledge, is a WordPress plugin for sharing your curated content via a content library that is easy to navigate and share!
Advocacy Platform
We have partnered with SocialSeeder to extend your reach. Get your employees and advocates to share your content. Word of mouth is the most effective form of advertising.


  • Opposition Research By Bryce Summary P.H.D

    At “Show me Victories” we provide strategic communication to our clients. As part of our service, it is essential that we thoroughly research our subjects to gain insight into our strategy for communication.

    We have been using Kurator for a few months now and it has proven to be a huge time saver over previous methods and tools. I have saved 5 hours a week, curating, organizing and sharing my research with my team.

  • Fothion, Inc. By Fred Fotouhi

    As an IT guy, I work with several Cloud-based applications and tools for managing over 1500 clients, and have to keep up with news feeds and security bulletins and such.

    Few weeks ago when it was time for me to replace my laptop, I quickly realized how cumbersome it was for me to use all these tools and portals without KBrowser.  I don’t know how I did it before, but I can attest that having to go back to opening each page individually, spread across different Browsers, or even resorting to “favorites and shortcuts,” in no way compares to just opening my KBrowser and having every site I need opened and organized category all at once.

    KBrowser has become an important tool for me, not just as an IT guy, but also as an individual.

  • International Medical Group By Geoff Tothill

    A Game Changer for both individuals and companies

    I should say that I have been a long time user of the Optimal Access desktop application and our company used it for may years as a content management and curation tool. Karan and his team have migrated much of the functionality of the original software to this remarkable plugin. As another reviewer said – this is really game changing – both for individuals and companies.

  • Medical Doctor By Martin Flynn

    I can safely close tabs without losing them.

    I am usually hesitant of closing my Browser windows because I don’t want to lose my tabs. I often can’t find specific tabs – bookmarking them does not have the detail I need; and a second issue is that the large number of open tabs slow down my computer. KBrowser has solved these problems for me. A truly remarkable and useful extension. It is well worth the time to learn it.

  • Marketing By Israel Moreno

    Exactly What I’ve Been Looking For!!!!!

    TRUST ME! I have to say this is AWESOME!! I’m sure many of you who handle multiple clients have the same problem i have had for years–having tons of tabs open at all time. Basically, it used to drive me insane after a while, and always wanted a way to organized my open tabs, and not have to send them to my bookmarks (you should see my bookmarks–its a mess!) This is the perfect solution, I have adapted well to using KBrowser so far, it’s super easy.

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Waterfox Extension

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Curate and organize articles with one click.

Curation is essential to the success of your business

Whether you manage a political campaign, are a researcher or journalist, use content to market your services, or want better ways to manage access to information for your enterprise, we can help.

Political Campaigns
News articles, Twitter posts and research reports are the fuel for political messaging. Our tools make your campaigns more effective.
Saving, commenting, and organizing your research has never been easier. We offer powerful solutions to help you and your team work more efficiently.
Content Marketers
Content curation is now essential to your content strategy. Curate you sales collateral and industry news and information to generate leads and grow your inbound traffic.
Enterprise Solutions
Transfer control for curating and managing access to information to people who are actually using the information.  Eliminate hours of wasted search time per employee and improve productivity.

Our goal is to make research and sharing of information easier.

Instant Access to Your Information

with KBrowser & Kurator

Share Your Knowledge with the World

with KBucket


KBucket Plugin For WordPress

Publish your Curated research on your own website


KBucket Platform

A wikipedia type platform for Curators. Share your research with the world.

Featured KBuckets

News Curation
News Curation will help you demonstrate your domain of expertise and engage your potential customers.  John Manley is an immigration attorney who curates US immigration news and shares it via KBucket on his site. See how he does it!
B2B Sales
Modern B2B Sales has changed. Buyers are now in control and do their own research before making purchase decisions. A content library will help your team get an advantage and drive qualified leads to your site. See how we do ours!
Political Campaigns
Content Strategy for political campaigns boils down to sharing commentary on news articles and events to demonstrate their position. This example is an ongoing library of curated news on the current US administration. See how it can work for you!