Kurator Setup

After you install Kurator, follow these steps to register and get started.

Register Kurator

When you install Kurator, the Kurator icon will be added to your extensions menu.

Click on the extensions icon in your address bar, and pin the Kurator icon to your address bar.

Next, click on the Kurator icon, to launch the Kurator dialog. If you are here for the first time click on the “sign up now” command to register your account.

After you register your account you will receive an email to activate your account.

Click on the link you receive in your email to activate your account.

Accessing Kurator app

After installing Kurator, you can access the Kurator app from 3 different locations.

From the Kurator popup

From the toolbar

From the Bookmarks bar

We recommend that you pin the Kurator app to your browser, so it is always on the left and easily accessible

Import chrome Bookmarks

You can import your Chrome bookmarks from the accounts menu in your Kurator app on the top left-hand side.

Click on the menu, and choose the "Import Bookmarks" feature. It will import your chrome bookmarks into Kurator.