Our Vision

To empower every individual to inform through context!


Our mission is to provide tools that make it easy for users to curate and share information.

  • 1

    We plan to port our authoring tool to all browsers

  • 2

    We strive to create the Wikipedia platform for curators. A place where every one can share their research!

  • 3

    We will empower every user to publish and distribute their research through their own branded apps.


  • 1999
    We Started Optimal Access in 1999 as a software application company. With the explosion of information we had a vision to give every user the ability to customize their desktop their-way. We pioneered multi-level tabbed browsing by grouping tabs outside the browser window. Our solution is unique to this day.
  • 2000-2005
    Our pioneering tabbed browser system allowed users to integrate and access all their favorite folders and web pages in tabs. Instead of clicking through folders structures or web-pages users could create tabbed groups and multiple portal pages to manage and access tens of projects with ease.
  • 2006
    From the beginning we had the idea of social bookmarking, that allowed users not just share links but the context. This idea has emerged as KBucket. The combination is perfect.
  • 2008-2014
    We continued to develop various curation products based on our original Optimal Access program, KBucket was developed during this time. KBucket is a curation platform where curators publish their research on any topic on this site. Our goal was to give users the tools to curate and index the web one user at a time.
  • 2014 - Present day
    Started developing Optimal Access as a Firefox extension. The Product was released in March of 2016. Our Browser tool is a Firefox extension and our sharing tool is a WordPress plugin. We are working to develop our solution for other platforms.


Karan Bavandi
Founder, serial entrepreneur
Karan Bavandi – Karan is a serial entrepreneur with a Masters in Computer Engineering. He started his career in computers as a programmer and later switched to business development and marketing where he excelled in management and leadership roles.
Stefan Ritzi
Information architect and technician
Stefan Ritzi – Stefan is the visionary behind the first Optimal Access products and brings 18 years of IT and product management experience. A super information architect and technician, Stefan has solved the age-old information structure (taxonomy) problem in the current version of the product. He has experience managing teams in creative development efforts with minimal resources.


  • Optimal Access Releases New Website

    Los Angeles, CA August 17th, 2017 – Optimal Access Release a new website. The new website is focused on highlighting the applications and benefits of the companies solutions. Optimal Access, relaunched its new and improved browser interface for Firefox browsers back in February of 2016.  Since them the company has been working on launching KBucket for WordPress and KBucket platform. The new site offers detailed video tutorials guiding users through the functions and benefits of its applications.

  • Optimal Access hires Publicize as its PR agent

    Company founded by former VentureBeat writer. Publicize is a tailored for startup companies and we are excited to have them as our representative.

  • Optimal Access Releases New and Improved KBucket.com

    Los Angeles, CA May 28th, 2017 – Optimal Access has released a new and improved version of its KBucket platform. The new platform is built on the multi-user WordPress CMS platform, and offers a new Pinterest type interface for sharing curated research.


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