Tools for Journalist to work and communicate more efficiently!

Tools for Journalist to work and communicate more efficiently!

Curation has always been the DNA of news gathering. Even before the age of computers reporters created folders of news clippings, stored in boxes, filled with articles they came across while reading other newspapers and magazines.

KBrowser makes this whole process of reading multiple news sites, curating articles of interest, adding notes and tagging the information for later retrieval a lot easier and even enjoyable!

The KBucket platform makes it real easy to search a library of curated news, keep track of news timeline, quickly navigate and investigate news in context based on topic, publisher, author tags.

Here is a description of our tools as they apply to data journalism and social media posting

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    News Discovery
    KBrowser is a powerful dashboard for Journalist and researchers. Its unique and one of a kind multi-tab interface lets you organize and instantly access hundreds of news sites, each site in its own window and keep track of all your open pages with ease.
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    News Curation
    Curation is the DNA of journalist. KBrowser and Kurator, make it real easy to curate, comment, tag and organize your research all at once.  Manage hundreds, if not thousand of curated articles, save them in you browser or share them with the world!
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    Curate your research, every day, record history of events, analyze news based on the timeline, and instantly filter and frame your research using content tags, publisher and author tags, and dates.  KBucket pages make it real easy to index your research, and investigate news in the context of history!
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    KBucket as your Research Hub
    Imagine if every Journalist and researcher in your news room, curated and saved their research on a KBucket page.  You could save hours researching topics, and discover threads that you may not have been aware of chasing stories.  With KBucket every research becomes an organizational asset, instantly accessible by all!

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Event History (KBucket Examples)

Elections 2016
Recorded History of the 2016 elections. Includes the Democratic and Republican primaries and the general election as well as the Donald Trump presidency to date. Includes a list of all the journalist with links to their twitter accounts. We have a record of the 2012 and 2008 elections. Great place for historians to compare campaign promises and governance!
News released by Wikileaks and about Wikileaks, organized into source channels. (i.e. UK papers, US papers, German Papers, Spanish papers, Liberal Blogs, Conservative blogs, Tech Blogs). There is also a channel on the Palestinian papers.  The ideas was to separate news from different regions into their own channels.
Koch Brothers
The research on the Koch Brothers started in 2010 The purpose was to record how the Koch front groups, funding of various causes and candidates govern candidates and laws in this country. There is accompanying research on the causes Koch Brothers invest in, on issues like Global warming, healthcare, education.
Occupy Walll Street
News curated during the Occupy Wall Street events starting in 2011. Organized into channels on activism, demands, issues and lists of various occupy groups around the country and the world. As a historical event it will be interesting to look back at the demands by occupy wall street to learn how this movement resonates into the future!