Improve productivity - easily curate and organize access to information in one place with Kurator!

Save 2-4 hours a week looking for information, and untangle your bookmark mess by curating and organizing access to news, information, online files, and folders according to your preferences and way of working!

Turn your searches and online discovery into reusable assets!

You'll need a tried-and-true method if you want to increase your productivity! Curating and annotating the material that you consider essential will assist you in being more productive while also allowing you to transform your daily online activities into useful reusable assets.

Marketers, curate to keep track of fantastic marketing ideas

Journalists,  curate their research for the stories they tell!

Bloggers curate their research for the posts they write!

Thought leaders curate to stay informed with their interests!

Activists curate and share their views on the emerging news!

Getting started with Kurator!

Kurator is a chromium extension. Download and install it from the chrome web store and follow the steps below to register and get started.

Install Kurator from the Chrome web store, pin the Kurator icon to the toolbar, then register and activate your account to get started.

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Publishing your collections to KBucket content hub!

Kurator is the authoring tool for KBucket's content hub solution. Follow these steps to add a certain group to a visual bookmark page!

To export your selected collections, you must first create a KBucket file folder. To do so, simply right-click on the KBucket folder.

Publishing your Folder Content

Kurator lets you publish the contents of your individual folders via RSS feeds, using the Sync Folders.

You can right-click on the Sync Folder tree in your "Kurator Bookmark Manager" and select the folders your want to publish.

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New Kurator
New Kurator

Client List

The following items are an example of the Kurator folder RSS links. You can select to link the content of one or more folders directly with your website, using WordPress blocks. Great tool for publishing dynamic content, without the need to log into the website.

  • Art Dev Design

    Art Dev Design is a digital marketing agency. They are using KBucket as a resource hub to recommend marketing tools to their audience.

  • Plansponsor consultants

    Plansponsor consultants is an elite retirement plan consultancy. They use KBucket as a resource page to share vetting news and information with their clients

  • Silicon Speech Toastmaster club

    Silicon Speech is a Toastmaster club based in Santa Monica, California. They use their KBucket resource hub to share great examples of speeches and other valuable resources with their members

  • US Immigration Attorney

    John Manley curates us immigration news and shares that via his social channels using scheduling tool. You can see the power of news curation by visiting John's website.


We offer a fully functional freemium version. You can use all the features and save and manage up to 100 links. The upgrade for Kurator is $4.95/month for the Standard version, $9.95/month for Pro version, and $24.95 for the Agency version.