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Content Strategy + Word of Mouth Advocacy

News articles, Twitter commentary and research reports are the fuel for political messaging. But how can you remember everything and make sure your entire organization and Followers use the right posts when engaging on social media?

Our content curation and Follower advocacy tools will help your respond to any news or situation with the right message and turn your mailing list and social media Followers into a powerful advocacy network that rivals cable news channels.

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    Curate and Editorialize News
    Our tools make it easy to curate, comment, tag and organize news articles, and make it easy to share them through easy to navigate online content libraries.  Most politicians today share news plus commentary via their social channels. Our tools make it easy to save, organize, index and share this information frequently and through a network of advocates.
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    Content Libraries let you manage what is shared
    Social Media is the most effective platform for engaging and informing voters. But how can you make sure that your campaign and Followers are sharing the right message, or have the right response to fake news or important policy issues. A content library is a great way to make sure everyone is on the same page!
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    Grow Your Reach
    Turn your social media Followers into powerful advocates.  Today, on average, a post on social media gets anywhere from 0.013% to 1.5% engagement. This means if your Twitter channel has 2 million Followers, you can on average expect 260 - 2000 retweets and likes. Our Advocacy solution reaches 20,000 - 50,000 people with only 100,000 advocates. You can turn your mailing list and social media followers into a powerful broadcasting network with our solutions.

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Curated News Pages

Elections 2016
Recorded History of the 2016 elections. Includes the Democratic and Republican primaries and the general election as well as the Donald Trump presidency to-date. Includes a list of all the journalists with links to their twitter accounts. We have a record of the 2012 and 2008 elections. Great place for historians to compare campaign promises and governance!
News released by Wikileaks and about Wikileaks, organized into source channels. (i.e. UK papers, US papers, German Papers, Spanish papers, Liberal Blogs, Conservative blogs, Tech Blogs). There is also a channel on the Palestinian papers.  The idea was to separate news from different regions into their own channels.
Koch Brothers
The research on the Koch Brothers started in 2010. Its purpose was to record how the Kochs front groups and PACs, and then fund their neo-conservative causes and candidates in an effort to endorse them and favorably (for them) change laws. There is accompanying research on specific causes the Koch Brothers invest in, like Climate Change, healthcare, and education.
Occupy Wall Street
News curated during the Occupy Wall Street events starting in 2011. Organized into channels on activism, demands, issues and lists of various occupy groups around the country and the world. As a historical event it will be interesting to look back at the demands by Occupy Wall Street to learn how this movement resonates into the future!