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Content Strategy + Word of Mouth Advocacy

News articles, Twitter commentary, and research reports are the fuel for political messaging. But how can you remember everything and make sure your entire organization and Followers use the right posts when engaging on social media?

Our tools make it easy to curate, tag, organize and build powerful assets out of the content your share.  Use your shared content to empower your followers with unified responses and build powerful chatbots to engage voters.

Our digital advocacy solution will help you amplify your reach by recruiting an army of volunteers to share your messages with their friends. Beat the reach of mass media with our advocacy solution. Our solutions are more cost-effective and effective for reaching voters in the 21st century.

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    Curate and Editorialize News
    Our tools make it easy to curate, comment, tag and organize news articles, and make it easy to share them through easy to navigate online content libraries.  Most politicians today share news plus commentary via their social channels. Our tools make it easy to save, organize, index and create powerful interactive conversations with voters.
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    Create interactive Chat Bots
    KBucket curated content-hubs are an ideal platform for building interactive chatbots to be deployed on webpages, Facebook, Twitter, Slack, Viber, Skype, Twilio text messaging and any platform supported by Google's Diagflow platform. Once you build your curated library, building chat conversations will be easier and faster! Contact us for a demo.
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    Grow Your Reach
    Turn your social media followers into powerful advocates.  Today, on average, a post on social media gets anywhere from 0.013% to 1.5% engagement. This means if your Twitter channel has 2 million followers, you can on average expect 2000 retweets and likes. Our SocialSeeder Advocacy solution will consistently get 50,000 retweets with only 10% of your 2 Million followers as Digital Volunteers 100,000 digital Volunteers. This means only 10% of your digital volunteers will boost your reach by a factor of 25x.

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Curated News Pages

Elections 2016
Over the past 3 years, we have curated over 3800 articles and counting. We have used the content on this page to drive our chatbot example.
Trump Tweets
This is a library of Trump tweets. We have over 1800 tweets starting in August of 2018. By adding an image to each tweet you can enhance your messaging and the effect of your communication.
Progressive Tweets
On this page, we have curated tweets from different democratic candidates. Using the tags you can quickly explore each candidates position on the same topic. A powerful way to manage opposition research!