June 13, 2016

Store, Save and Organize your tabs with KBrowser!

Opening several tabs at once affects the stability of your browser. It slows down your system, or worse – hangs/freezes it, forcing you to open the Task Manager and start over.  Another issue is not being able to see the page titles easily and the inevitable clicking frenzy to find the page you want!

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June 6, 2016

Stop wasting time! Get KBrowser today.

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Studies show that the average information worker spends 2 hours a week looking for information which costs companies and individuals millions of dollars in productivity.  Organizing access to information will solve this problem.  KBrowser allows you to manage your context and work more efficiently.

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May 11, 2016

How Many Tabs do you use?

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You hear many people complaining that they don’t want to close their browser windows, in fear of losing their tabs. Keeping many tabs open is not only a productivity drain, but it will also impact the performance of your computer since each open tab is using valuable memory you need to work efficiently with your active windows.

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September 22, 2014

Curation Monetization

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Curation takes insight, effort and adds value for both your own accessibility to your research as well as others interested in similar topics, but how can you monetize it?  The KBucket plugin for wordpress is designed optimally to generate significant revenue for curators. A KBucket page is highly targeted directory of links creating premium value for targeted ads A KBucket page invites transactions with related topics and tags resulting in more pageviews Exploring and optimizing monetization is a focus of this blog.   I will not only analyze the RPM (See Knowledge base for Advertising definitions) but also explore various inbound traffic methods to boost revenue. [ad name=”LTB ATF”]

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October 20, 2011

Crowdsourced Editors – Content Curators

By Karan

Curation works best when the curated topic is crowdsourced.  This statement is based on a 2 year case study of  a real world environment where a group of 70 users – used a KBucket type curation to improve findability of information. I am of course assuming that the curator has two main objectives – Help people find information easier, educate people on what to look at. In our case study, the curator was the project manager – and the crowd were the employees who used the information.  The study found that it took roughly 2 months of usage and input from the crowd to optimize the curated KBucket page.  Once the KBucket page was optimized the findability of information improved by 400%.  This was measured in terms of time it took people to find information without assistance from other people in the group. This has been our vision for KBucket.  A place where curators act as editors of context, corwdsourcing content and organizing it based on user input. So remember the more input you provide the better the KBucket pages get.  KBucket should be a resource for all the people who are interested in the curated topic. [ad name=”Post LTB”]

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