You can publish your collections in two ways. We offer a plugin for WordPress called KBucket that lets you publish one or more folders to a resource hub on your website

You can also export the contents of individual folders via RSS feeds and use any third-party RSS reader to import them to your website, newsletter or any other application.

KBucket Files

KBucket files connect the content of your folders with your KBucket resource hub on your WordPress website.

You can manage multiple websites, by building a different KBucket file for each website you manage.

To get started, right-click on the KBucket files folder and create a new file.

Next, you need to create a channel. The channels let you categorize your folders and create two-step navigation for your KBucket pages.

After creating your channel, you will have to attach the folders you want to publish to your KBucket page.

You can then generate a link from the file that you will add to your KBucket plugin to sync the content of your selected folders with your website.


Sync Folders

Sync folder lets you publish the content of your individual folders via RSS feeds.

To generate the RSS feed, you will need to right-click on the Sync Folder, and then select the folders you want to publish.

Once you add the folders to your Sync Folder tree, you can right-click on them and generate an RSS feed.

You can add the RSS feed to a block on your website, your newsletter, or any other program that supports an RSS feed reader.