Customizing Your KBucket Page

Your KBucket plugin page in your WordPress website has a number of tabs along the top to let you manage your setting and connect your Kurator content to your KBucket page.

Page settings

The plugin automatically creates a page called KBucket in your Pages sections of your WordPress plugin.

You can change the name and title of the page or create a different page to host your KBucket resource hub.

Under the settings tab, you customize the look & feel of your page with the following settings.

Author Tag Display: You can specify whether you want the Author tag cloud to display on your sidebar.

Page Title: You can enter a page heading or leave this section blank

Site Search: You can choose to display the search bar or hide it from view here.

Sort by: You can choose to sort the items of your page by Author, Title, Added date, or Published Date

Sort order: You can choose the sort order with this setting

HTML for K-Share pop-up: You can add a hyperlink with an image to promote your own services, or serve an ad every time users land on a post-pop-up. These pop-ups are launched when you click on the share button for the post and when users click on your social media or newsletter posts and land on your page. Here is a suggested format for your links.

<a href="https://source link"><img src="https://Your image or your ad link"</a>

Theme sidebar color: Here you can set the background and font colors for your sidebar menu

Use Shortcode: In most instances, the selection here should be yes. Use shortcodes to set up your KBucket page.

Choose Theme: This setting is for your channel menu. If you have only attached one group and one folder to your KBucket page, then you can hide your menu, otherwise, you can select a menu to let users easily navigate your resource pages.


Share settings

The "set social" tab in your KBucket plugin page allows you to add meta information and images for your page channels.

On this page, you will see a list of your channel (kurator folders).

Here you can add a description and an image for each channel, which will be used as description and image when you share that specific channel on social media.

User Comments

KBucket pages offer a link where anyone can suggest a link through a custom form.

All the user-suggested links will be added to this page in your Plugin.

The page generates an RSS feed, that you can set up in your browser to receive and manage all the suggestions.