Curation Folders

Curation folders are a special type of folder for saving your bookmarks. You can create as many curation folders as you wish, and stack them.

Curation Folders

To create a new curation folder right-click on the top folder, or any folder in your tree to create a new curation folder.

You can also click on the ... to the right of each folder to create a new folder.

If you want to nest the folders, create the new folders under the existing folders.

You can also easily drag and drop folders to your desired location.

Folder Views

Kurator offers two views, a list view, and a card view.

List View

List view consists of two windows, list and preview.

The List view is organized by columns. You can sort your posts by headline, date, publisher, author, content tags, and last modified.

Card View

Card view displays all the information about your post in a card format. You can use the author, publisher, and content tags to filter your posts directly from your list view and reset them from the menus at the top of the list.

Filter Function

Each collection or folder in Kurator has its own unique filters and you can easily search these filters to locate your posts in context.

The List-View is organized by column, and you can sort and filter information per column.

The Card-View lets you click and filter information by clicking on the filters in the card. You can reset these filters from the Filter-Menu, and sort them from the sort menu.

By default, the program views are set to card view, but Kurator remembers your settings per folder and will display the posts based on your previous settings.

Placeholder Folders

These folders are meant to help you organize your projects into groups.

The view for these folders is a list of folders under them.

If you nest folders under a curation folder, you have no visibility as to how many folders are stacked under that folder.

When you use Placeholder folders to organize your folders, you have visibility on the number of stacked folders.

Folder Share Function

You can share your curation folders with other users, by adding their email to the folder.

When you share a folder with others, the color of the folder will change to blue and your collaborator will receive an email notifying them of the invitation.

If the collaborator is a registered user of Kurator, the folder will automatically appear in their app as an orange folder.

If the collaborator does not have Kurator installed, they are asked to install Kurator using the same email they received the invitation from, and upon installing, the shared folder will appear in their app.

Each user will not have two types of links.

  • Black links are contributed by you
  • Blue links are contributed by others

Participants can only edit and modify their own links.

The owner of the folder can edit and modify all links.

Import-Export function

You can import and export your curation folders from the context menu.

The idea is to let you easily archive and share your folders with other Kurators.

We are working on features that let you import your chrome bookmarks to Kurator.