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KBucket will help you generate inbound traffic and connect with influencers.

KBucket is essential to your Marketing Strategy

Content Curation should be an integral part of your Content Marketing Strategy. Today 50% of all Marketing organizations use curation as an integral part of their content strategy.  Here are the applications and benefits of curating and sharing content with KBucket.

Drive Inbound Traffic
Every link shared from your KBucket page, drives traffic back to your site. Expect 2 inbound links for every link you share!
Connect with Influencers
Reciprocity is an important tenet in the psychology of persuasion. When you share influencer content, you create a reason asking for their time and attention.
Manage Employee Advocacy
Manage what employees share in social media and increase the number of shares
Be a Thought Leader
Sharing your Knowledgebase and your research will both inform your clients, as well as establish you and your brand as a leader in the industry
Improve Search
Curating, tagging and commenting on the most relevant links or your business, makes it easy for others to easily find the right content and discover related content they ma not be aware of!

Drive Inbound Traffic

KBucket pages are designed to drive your curated traffic back to your site. Articles are organized in a Pinterest like page.

You share each article individually from the article popup, or use the feed generated by the channel to schedule your articles through scheduling applications like Buffer.

Targeting your potential clients interest and sharing frequently will improve your brand awareness!

Connect with Influencers

Each article your curate, is written by an influencer in your field.  By curating and sharing their articles you are helping them promote their brand.

If you add the authors twitter handle to the posts you share, your shared articles will also appear in the influencers mention box.

Using the principle of reciprocity, you will now stand a better chance of connecting with the influencer and asking them to reciprocate, by mentioning you in their post, or any other action you may ask for!

Manage What Sales Shares

Employee Advocacy is basically the process of having your employees share work related content through their social channels, growing the reach of your company and your message.

A curated content library makes it easy for your employees to find content they want to share, and drive that traffic back to your website.

Be a Thought Leader

Thought leader is defined as someone who has ideas “that merited attention.”

Research shows that you are deeply effected by what you read. Sharing what you read demonstrates that your ideas originate from your deep research.



KBucket Plugin for WordPress

To download, install and activate the KBucket Plugin for WordPress you must first register with us.

To install KBucket, type "KBucket" in your wordpress plugin search box, or download the plugin from links provided in your profile page.

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