CMS for Chatbots

Manage content and context with KBucket knowledge portals

A powerful CMS for your conversational chatbots

KBucket, knowledge portals are the ideal Content Management System for managing your conversational chatbot dialogs. The combination of context and entities offer flexibility in managing content for your chatbots. 

Manage Context
Quickly curate and index your content from different sources for use in a specific project.
Add guidance
Provide a quick summary and guidance on the content you are sharing.
Add taxonomy
Use content tags as entities to retrieve content and group the in context.
Publlisher Tags
Publisher tags can be defined as entities within your chat agent and used to build specific responses within each intent.
Author Tags
As with publisher tags, you can define these as entities within your agent and quickly enhance your intents to respond to questions with author in mind

KBucket Overview

Let's take a look and see how we use the KBucket content libraries to manage the content and intents for our chatbots.

To get a more detailed description see our blog post here.



KBucket Plugin for WordPress

To download, install and activate the KBucket Plugin for WordPress you must first register with us.

To install KBucket, type "KBucket" in your wordpress plugin search box, or download the plugin from links provided in your profile page.

Profile Page

KBucket Multi-user Platform

Our Multi-user KBucket system is available to enterprise and agency clients. We offer a white label solution and a licensing model based on the number of authors and KBucket pages.

Users can also sign up and use our public KBucket solution as their host. There is a fee associated with training and webhook code. Contact us for more info.