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  • Publisher: Digital Curation Centre

    Call for Papers - Embedding Digital Curation in Workflows

    This call for paper is an excellent guide to topics that matter to curators. Topics include policy Share Button

    Tags: content curation

  • Publisher: Forbes
    Author: Kathleen Chaykowski

    Fake Story In Facebook's 'Trending' News Section Highlights Social Media's Curation Challenges

    A great example of the difference between algorithms and human curators. Facebook is doing this bec Share Button

    Tags: content curation, algorithems, journalism

  • Publisher: Spin Sucks
    Author: Erica Heald

    Lazy Content Curation Is Ruining Influencer Relationships Spin Sucks

    Not all Curation solutions are the same and if you don't consider the hard work content creator Share Button

    Tags: content curation, fair use, ethics

  • Publisher: Reuters Institute for the study of Journalism
    Author: Federico Guerrini

    Newsroom Curators and Independent Storytellers

    This post links to an excellent study by Federico Guerrini, a freelance Italian journalist specializ Share Button

    Tags: content curation, journalism, study

  • Publisher: Million Dollar Blog
    Author: Maria Johnsen

    Things You Didn't Know About Content Curation

    Interesting debate and insights on curation. Readers should note that there is a wide definition of Share Button

    Tags: content marketing, curation, seo

  • Publisher: MarketingProfs
    Author: Kerry O'Shea Gorgone

    How to Scale Your Lead Nurturing With Content Curation

    See how NewsCred uses content curation to scale their business. Many of the ideas including the plan Share Button

    Tags: content curation, marketing strategy, syndication

  • Publisher:
    Author: Adam Rowe

    I Want to See Startups Curate Local News

    This article articulates what we are trying to accomplish with our tool. Transfering editorial power Share Button

    Tags: journalism, why curation

  • Publisher: InfoDesk
    Author: Sean Smith

    InfoDesk Puts a Price Tag on Information Overload

    There is an increasing demand for more carefully curated content due to unskilled searches and poorl Share Button

    Tags: study, why curation

  • Publisher: Forbes
    Author: Steve Rosenbaum

    The Facebook Curation Controversy

    The author makes the point that when Facebook with all this algorithmic technology uses curators you Share Button

    Tags: why curation

  • Publisher: Convince and Convert
    Author: Tristan Handy

    What is better, content creation or content curation for marketing strategy?

    Interesting study of 150,000 tweets and status updates shows best ratio for content curation vs cont Share Button

    Tags: content curation, study, content marketing, marketing strategy

  • Publisher: Business 2 Community
    Author: Cent Muruganandam

    Content Promotion Checklist: 40 Sources from A to Z

    When you curate content with the intent to use your curated content for content marketing, or more p Share Button

    Tags: content marketing, checklist

  • Publisher: BuzzSumo
    Author: Steve Rayson

    How to be the Best Answer to Customer Questions: Insights from 600,000 Posts

    Curation requires research. As a good curator you need to know what your users want, very similar to Share Button

    Tags: curation strategy, tips

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