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Not all curation tools are the same. Some are built to tell a story, and some are built to record history. Our KBucket solution is built to record history.

In this post, I’d like to explore the difference between these two forms of communication, point you to curation tools that serve each market, and share some ideas on content marketing using KBucket.

A story is subjective and has a beginning, middle, and end. Story curation tools basically take snippets of content from across the web in various formats like tweets, images, cuts of content from other sources, etc., and create a new story. These tools make it easier to build new content, but the format is still a story. Here is a link to my curated list of story curation tools.

A history, on the other hand, is about context. When curating history, you need to pay attention to meta information. What matters in a history is the timeline, the sources of information, and details about the events from the sources.

In other words, histories need to tell us about events in context and let us filter through different configurations (sorting by author, time, or topic) to learn from the events. Here is a list of curation tools that focus on collecting and sharing topics.

In a story, we learn from the author by how they tell the story, and in history we learn about the author by how they organize the stories. What you pay attention to tells a lot about who you are and how you view the world.

For example, on Facebook, your likes, shares and comments in time create a timeline, a history that informs us about you. A topic curation tool lets you do the same for your brand and turn it into a content marketing machine.

Every link curated on a KBucket page can be shared on social media to drive traffic back to your site. Your goal is to be the reference point for your industry and use your time and expertise to collect, organize, and share stories that inform. Here is an example of a link shared through KBucket.

You already receive and read tens of articles on your topics of interest every day. Why not save the ones that you think are exceptional and share them? In time, you will have created an incredible content marketing platform that helps drive traffic, generate leads, and create revenue for your website.

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